IoT Disrupting Manufacturing Industry

The IoT (Internet of Things) has had a substantial effect on the manufacturing industry. The inter-dependability of sensors, equipment, machines, materials, processing units, plants, software, cloud technology, mobile devices, departments, and processes is aiding attain innovative outcomes along with driving value within the manufacturing industry. IoT is disrupting a lot of industries, however, it is …

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How are Machine Learning models Disrupting the Banking industry?

Machine learning (ML) techniques have been around for decades. However, big-data revolution along with the diving costs of computing power are currently developing them correctly with exceptional & non-theoretical analytical tools within banking all over a diversity of use cases, consisting of credit risk. Algorithms of machine learning might seem very multifaceted as well as …

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Challenges Faced by Quality Assurance engineers in Microservice Ecology

Microservices provide unprecedented benefits within a software development environment. They assist in breaking bigger monolithic applications to smaller code & functionality blocks. Several microservices collectively construct a business application, where every single microservice communicates with another one via APIs. On the other hand, this method has got its own challenges. The reality that there are …

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Recruitment Market Buzzing with Innovation

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence has already started taking over the world of Human resource by a storm. The past year has been a game-changer with AI-driven solution in the recruitment industry for multiple arising problems including automated candidate sourcing, diversity hiring, hiring remote workers, enhance candidates experience as well as eradicated bias. Thus, it won’t be …

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DevOps is a Culture

Move Faster and be More Agile Agile software development has broken some of the silos between requirements analysis, testing and development. Deployment, operations and maintenance are other activities that have suffered a similar separation from the rest of the software development process. The DevOps movement aims to eliminate these silos and encourage collaboration between development …

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