DevOps is a Culture

Move Faster and be More Agile Agile software development has broken some of the silos between requirements analysis, testing and development. Deployment, operations and maintenance are other activities that have suffered a similar separation from the rest of the software development process. The DevOps movement aims to eliminate these silos and encourage collaboration between development […]

Software Project Management

Software project management is a big deal and there are lot to stuff to do Every company follow their own method for software project management. But there are some of common rule or way the everyone follow. It is an essential part of software organization to deliver quality product, keeping the cost within client’s budget […]

AI with Analytics Eliminating IT Silos

Almost every vendor of Infrastructure offers some kind of analytics tool in order to manage as well as track their sales such as tools for Wi-Fi troubleshooting, WAN utilization analytics, MDM (mobile device management) systems and APM (application performance monitoring). There is one thing for every section of IT. Further, whichever technology or even tool […]

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